CADNET Media provides technical graphics and illustrations for civil structural, architectural and the mineral resources sector since 1999. We have an eye for detail and guarantee precision and accuracy in all our work. Each of our projects are expedited with a sense of urgency in a timely manner and within a reasonable budget. Contact us anytime to discuss your next project.

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Design & Drafting Services

Civil Drafting:

Substation, Site modelling; grading plans; material take-off's; road alignments; profiles; corridors; drainage models; ditches; utilities; berm’s; contention ponds; underground ingress structures, egress alignments; subdivisions.

Structural Engineering:

Concrete & steel detailing; framing plans; beams; footings; details; elevations; concrete lifts & outlines; re-bar reinforcement; temporary platforms; formwork; false work; drainage; Rigging & lifting; logging bridges.

Architectural Services:

Drafting & design; plans, elevations, sections & details; general consultation; construction plans; site plans; Models, renderings and perspectives; General contractor duties; material take-off's; costing estimates; As-built drawings.

Additional Services

Mineral Resources:

Geology, geochemistry, mineral plans; sections, drill logs; percentiles; utm grid registration; 10 year cycle graphics: pit designs, leach & rock dump; underground ore reserves; geology overlays, miscellanies earth and pit sections.


Geotechnical drawings: plans, sections, elevations and details; bank slope stabilization drawings and details; pile layouts; civil mapping; conversions; shoring details; lok-block walls; test hole & survey data compilation.

Renovation & Demolition:

City/municiple permits and license applications: rezoning; subdivision; liason services; GIS mapping & data compilation; water; services; trees; site drawings; proposed plans, elevations & details; perspectives & renderings.